Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Hey Guys,
Well on this snowy freezing day, I bring you something that I hope will brighten your day up a little.  I altered a little round wooden box that I have had on my 'alter it' shelf in my studio, for literally years, and because I wasn't doing much, it was always overlooked and other things were favoured more to alter! So I thought it was time this little guy was used and made to look gorgeous and I hope I achieved that. I am still full of flu and ache all over more than usual so I hope to be a little better next week where I will be doing my favourite way of making videos as a full 'start to finish' tutorial and my proposed project is a wooden wall plaque that I am going to cover in Wild Orchid Crafts delicious goodies! So without further ado here is the video and further down I will add some pics....................xx

 below are some photos:

 above is the back of the box
 above is a close up of the left side of the top, with the beautiful dove and flowers
 above is the front of the box, featuring the stunning rosette trim & a stamped&embossed bingo card
 Above is a photo of one of my handmade stickpins in close up
above is the side view of the box, showing that gorgeous lace and pearl trim

Above is a photo of the whole of the lid from above

Ingredients used for this project

Open Roses 25mm in a 'Vintage' mix (100pk)  MKX-043
Mulberry leaves (white) 30mm (100pk) MKX-448
Crystal stem in Light Lilac MKX-233
Cherry Blossom two tone in Chocolate Brown MKX-064
Flatback ivory pearly heart shaped embellishment with embossed rose GST-029
Flatback pearl trim double row 10mm width (2mtrs)MKX-614
Pearl trim (2mtrs) in Ivory MKX-374
Open Roses 10mm in Plum/Aubergine MKX-004
Lace Trim (natural) MKX-590
Resin Doves in Ivory GST-028

Thanks for popping me xxxxx V

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Hey Guys,

These weeks come round quick don't they? Its that time again where I share with you a sneak peek of my designer project for WILD ORCHID CRAFTS so without further ado here it is.............

Tune in tomorrow for the video!! xx

Friday, 16 January 2015


Hey Guys,

Tomorrow is the last day for the Wild Orchid Crafts 15% off all flowers and embellishments sale!!! After tomorrow (Saturday 17th Jan) all the products will be back to the normal price, which are amazingly priced normally, but why not take advantage of this amazing offer while you still have the chance? Maybe you have some Christmas spending money left........why not treat yourself? Click WOC to take you there...... Last Chance!
Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Hey Guys,

Today sees the start of my designer position with Wild Orchid Crafts! And I am so excited! My first project is a miniature sewing box that I have altered and added lots of gorgeousness from WOC. I have completed a video to show you all the beautiful embellishments and flowers, with all the codes, spoken and on screen and I will also add them here to this post along with some photos of my project, so without further ado, here are some photos...........
How the box started out

I hope you like it, I was so chuffed with how it turned out. So below is the video that I have finished to talk you through how I started the project and what I added to it with all the codes, but I will also add the list of codes here too.........

Codes for all W.O.C Ingredients

Cottage Rose (Rose Pink) MKX-667
Cottage Rose (White & Cream) QVR-050
Trellis Rose (White) 35mm MKX-682
Open Rose (Plum&Aubergine) 15mm MKX-004
Open Rose (Vintage mix) x100 25mm MKX-043
Open Rose (deep red) 25mm MKX-002
Open Rose (mixed two-tone pink) 20mm MKX-068
Rose Hip Buds (ivory) GST-063
Wild buds (2 tone baby pink) MKX-102
Magnolias (white) x50 QVR-028
Gypsophilia (Burgundy) GST-233
Long stem Stamen (white) x100 MKX-471
Mixed Hydrangea blooms 25mm (vintage) MKX-678
Gardenias (large - deep red) 6cm MKX-078
Mulberry Leaves (white) 30mm MKX-450
Gardenias (small) 35mm (pink) mixed pk QVR-001
Cosmos Daisy (25mm) MKX-119
Ivory heart shaped flat back embellishments GST-029
Purple Crystal Heart Chandeliers on silver stem MKX-241
Diamond Circles GST-173
Flat back Ivory Pearl in gold circle backing MKX-365
2mtrs Flat back pearl string 10mm width MKX-614
Crocheted Lace (Natural) MKX-418
Metal Corners filigree silver MKX-181
Mixed pk of 10 metal embellishments (butterfly) MKX-287
Crown Stickpin (ivory) GST-115 (2" length)
Miniature Peg MKX-298 45 pack (U.S Clothes Pin)

go get your WOC products HERE

Thank you for visiting come back soon, Hugs, Vick xx

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Hey guys,

Below in my previous post there was a video about my DT pack & haul, I mentioned about doubling up the metal filigree flowers you can buy from WOC, and referred to the photo of what I had done, on my blog, but I can't seem to find it so I thought I would show it on this post instead. So below is 2 of the filigree flowers that I doubled up, and swiped with Pebeo wax to highlight the parts I wanted to highlight. I absolutely love these metal flowers and all the different looks you can get with them, and this is just one example..........

So below is a photo of how the flowers look in the shop and here is the product code for you,
I do hope this has helped you in regards to how you can make these look, and they are stunning as is, with maybe just a pearl in the centre.
Thanks for looking and have a lovely day!
Vick xx

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Hey Guys,

Well........guess what? Last week I was kindly invited onto the Wild Orchid Crafts DT whoo hoo, woo woo woo flick flacking down the street, oh okay, I wasn't, cause I couldn't, but I was in my head!! LOL.  Ok I've calmed down now guys.........Just a bit....So I am a new designer for Wild Orchid Crafts, and I cannot wait to get started so much so I ordered some flowery goodness and glitzy stash, and have done my first DT package & personal haul video, which I will add to this post. I have added all the codes to the goodies and tried to show them in as much detail as possible!
So please enjoy and let me know you have been visiting !! Hugs & Blessings, Vick xxx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Hey folks, I hope you had a happy weekend, and now it's Monday, going into Tuesday I thought I would do another tutorial video. This time I am making a lovely little piece of work, that is flexible, it can be glued down flat or around corners of boxes, or spines of books, or it can even be sewn into, and all from some gel medium and a rubber stamp, so go grab a cosy chair something to drink and let's get started!!

Thanks for looking, and also look out for some great news for me that I am not yet allowed to share but will definitely share as soon as I get the go ahead..........hope you find this video advantageous to you, and inspiring, thanks for looking,
Hugs, Vick xxx

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Hi guys,
Here is the tutorial that I promised for the 2nd tag that I did, so watch the video and leave me a comment, hugs, V xx


So it's Thursday already! Where are the weeks going and this year eh?  It's soon going to be Christmas and I am doing a couple of swaps with Vintage Christmas themes, so here is my 2nd tag which is going to my BFF/Sis........I hope she likes it!
thanks for looking xxx V

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Hey there crafty peeps!! as promised yesterday, I have filmed a video of me making my vintage Christmas tag, not the decorating part cause you can pick your own embellies etc to go on your project, but the stamping and composition of the piece, so that it is made easy and any crafter at any stamping level can do it, its so easy, I promise!!! I go through it step by step and break it down, so without further it is.....hope you find it helpful.
Why not leave me a comment on here or Youtube so I know you've been to visit me and any questions you may have, or even requests for more!
 Hugs, Vick xx

Monday, 1 December 2014


Hey Guys, how are you all? December already hey? So, I was on my facebook account the other day, as usual, and I thought, " would be nice to organise a tag swap every month starting this month, so that's what I did, I started a group that will follow the theme and make a tag to swap every month, cheap on postage and quick to do, so the first theme I chose was "Vintage Christmas" and here is my offering for my swap partner, although I was silly really as all my Christmas stash is still packed from when we moved, lol, so I found one stamps set, had my lace and some bits and a white pencil and that was it, here it is, thanks for looking and have a lovely night xx

Ingredients included a glass pebble I made with the "Happy Holidays" text, Poinsettia stamp and die, lace, satin ribbon, calico, mesh ribbon, all from my stash, satin rose made by me, silver heart from stash, stickles, white pencil, various stamps, kraft card tag

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Hi Guys,

What a pretty sight to see and make, they only take 5 mins each and you can make them for all year round but I made this one for my tree this year as I have a shabby chic tree, all in light pinks and whites, so she is going on there but they are so easy with a couple of beads and threading wire. If anyone needs to know how to make them I will do a quick video but they are pretty much self explanatory when you look at the picture! Anyway, I hope all my followers and readers have a lovely weekend, stay safe & happy xxx V


lilac and pink tulle
bead caps, two different
heart and wing bead
ivory pearl 12mm
beading wire (tigers tail)

Thanks for looking xx

Friday, 28 November 2014


Hi Folks

How is your Friday going? Well this morning I thought I would make a video on the subject of Mixed Media!  What is mixed media or my interpretation of it and I go through my project of an MDF Tissue box, posted on here a couple of weeks ago! Never be frightened of mixed media or altered art, its all about the layering and mediums you use, follow my video and any crafter whatever level you are at, can do a mixed media project............enjoy!!! and have a great weekend xx

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Hey there,

For some years I have been making ribbon roses from satin ribbon and other strips of fabric. Last year on my facebook account I did a video for my friends of this rose in calico fabric because I had been asked how to make them, I also did another video straight after with satin ribbon, now somehow the satin ribbon rose video tutorial was lost and I thought I would do it again last week as it had been asked for again. This week I thought I would put it on my channel on Youtube so it doesn't get deleted again and I am now adding it to my blog too. So if you have ever wondered how to make roses from ribbon here's how.........Just a word of warning though, once you have mastered them, they become addictive and you end up making loads of them!! ha! enjoy and thanks for looking.......

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Hey Folks,

How the heck are you all today?  Well, last night whilst watching tv, I had my lap tray and some beautiful crystal rondelles, some glass pearls, silver findings and pins, so I put together these little gems, I hope you like them and they will be appearing on forthcoming cards and altered makes no doubt soon!........thanks for looking and please leave a comment so I can say hi to you!!
V x

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Hey there guys,

The other day on Facebook I added some pics of vintage looking stickpins and my friends loved them that much they asked me for a tutorial, which is what I encourage them to do if I put something up that they want to know how it is made, ask, and I will do a tutorial, l so here it is, enjoy!!

Ingredients used for this project

WOC two toned pink rose 25mm
metal embellishment from my own stash but used some from metal WOC too
Pink Crystal rondelles from my stash (8mm)
Bronze bead head covers from my stash
Bronze head pins (findings for jewellery making)
Pink AB acrylic bead (12mm)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

SHABBY CHIC PINCUSHION (full video tutorial)

Hey folks,

Roughly 4 years ago, I made a pincushion from some recycled bits and my goodies from my stash & Wild Orchid Crafts, and although I tried to explain how to do it, it's always hard, and I promised to make the video at some stage but never got around to doing it. I wanted to show the pin cushion from start to finish for those a bit wary of projects like this, to show how easy it really is, and ANY crafter can do it!...............Go on, you know you can, and you really have no excuse now, so watch the video and get cracking!!! I would love to see what you come up with, hugs and be back soon!!! xxx V

Monday, 10 November 2014


Hey there folks,

I thought i would show you a cuff i made in a more Victorian/Shabby Chic style, i just love this look and its ideal for weddings, evenings out if you are in that mood or even, as i have it, around a candle at home, its the first thing on a line of Shabby Chic i will be doing for my home! always using my stash and my Wild Orchid Crafts stash as that's where i get all my flowers and lace xx so here are a couple of photos hope you like it
All the lace, 3 in all, flat back pearls, ribbons, seam binding & cameo all come from WOC